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1、Where is the taxi stand?出租车停靠站在哪里?

2、Call a taxi,please.请叫辆出租车。

3、About how much is the fare to…?去……的车费大约多少钱?

4、Take me to…,please.请送我去……。

5、Could you please take me to this place?请你送我去这个地方好吗?

6、Please wait a moment for me here.请在这里等我一下。

7、Go straight on,please.请往前直走。

8、Turn to the right at the next corner.下个路口右转。

9、Hurry up a bit,please.请快一点儿。

10、Stop here,please.请在这里停车。

11、How much will that be?总共多少钱?

12、That is too much.太贵了。

13、I’ll pay on the meter.我要按表来付。

14、Keep the change.不必找了。

15、How much is it for the whole day?包天多少钱?

16、What station does the train for…leave from?去……的火车在哪个车站出发?


18、How can I go?我该怎么去?

19、Is there any train?有没有火车?

20、Can you go by train?你可以坐火车去吗?

21、Are there many trains running?是不是有很多火车跑那地方?

22、It runs every one hour.每小时一班车。

23、It runs every five minutes.每5分钟一班车。

24、Give me a second_class one-way ticket,please.请给我一张二等座位的单程车票。

25、Give me a round trip ticket,please.请给我一张往返票。

26、I’d like to reserve a seat on this train.这要预订这班火车的一个座位。

27、Does this train have a sleeping car?这班火车有卧铺吗?

28、Is it an express?是快车吗?

29、Is there another train for Washington?有没有另外开往华盛顿的火车?

30、Can I cancel this ticket?我可以退票吗?

31、I want to change this ticket to first class.我想把这张票换成头等座位。

32、When does the train leave?这班火车几点出发?

33、What track does the train leave from?这班火车从哪条轨道出发?

34、Does this train stop at..?这班火车是不是停靠……?

35、Will I have to change?我要换车吗?

36、Where do I have to transfer?我该在哪里换车?

37、Can I stop over on the way?我可以在中途换车吗?

38、How long does it take to go to…?去……要多长时间?

39、Can I make good connections for Washington there?我在那里可以转乘往华盛顿的列车吗?

40、Is there another train for Washington from there?在那里另外有火车去华盛顿吗?

41、]Can I get a bus for Washington from there?我在那里可以搭巴士去华盛顿吗?

42、I want to check this suitcase through to Chicago.我要托运这个手提箱到芝加哥。

43、Is this seat taken?这个座位有人坐吗?

44、Does this train carry a dining car?我班火车有餐车吗?

45、Where are we passing now?我们现在经过哪里?

46、May I smoke?我可以吸烟吗?

47、What is the next station?下一站是什么地方?

48、How long does the train stop here?火车要在这里停多久?

49、Please let me know when we get to…我们到……时请告诉我。

50、I have lost my ticket.What shall I do?我的车票丢了,我要怎么办?

51、I have left my bag on the train.我的包放在火车上忘了拿。

52、Can you go to…by train?可以坐火车去……吗?



55、One adult for Chicago,please.请买一张到芝加哥的成人票。

56、Two children,please.请买两张儿童票。

57、One child,please.请买一张儿童票。

58、Round trip,please.请买张返往票。

59、One way,please.请买张单程票。

60、Does he(she)need a ticket?他(她)要买票吗?

61、Is he(she)an”adult”or a “child”?他(她)要买成人票还是儿童票?

62、He(She)is ten years old.他(她)10岁了。

63、Should I change the train?我要转火车吗?

64、Where should I change?我要在哪里转车?

65、Does this train go to…?这班火车去……吗?

66、Does this train stop at…?这班火车会停靠……吗?

67、Which train goes to…?哪一班火车去……?

68、What is the next stop?下一个停靠站是哪里?

69、How long do we stay here?我们在这里会停多久?

70、I lost my ticket.我的车票丢了。

71、I left my bag on the train.我的皮包忘在火车上了。

72、Is anyone coming?有人要来吗?

73、Is this free?这座位没人坐吗?

74、May I sit here?我可以坐这里吗?

75、No one’s coming.没有人要来。

76、Somebody’s coming.有人要来。

77、May I smoke?我可以吸烟吗?

78、Is there any smoking car?有没有吸烟车厢?

79、Is there a dining car?有没有餐车?

80、Call a taxi,please.请替我叫辆出租车。

81、Do you know the way?你认识路吗?

82、Take me to this address.送我到这个地址。

83、Take me to the shopping district.送我到购物区。

84、Take me to a good place to eat.送我到一家好餐厅。

85、How long will it take to the airport?到飞机场要多长时间?

86、How long will it take me to get there?到那里需要多长时间?

87、Is it very far?很远吗?

88、Where can I find a taxi?什么地方我可以叫到出租车?

89、Is there any special place to find a taxi?有没有什么特定地方可以叫到出租车?

90、Is this the right place to wait for a taxi?这个地方可以等到出租车吗?

91、Is there a special charge for the night time?晚间有没有特别计价?

92、]Will you call a taxi for me?请你帮我叫辆出租车好吗?

93、There are six persons in total.总共6个人。

94、Four persons including me.包括我4个人。

95Will you send a taxi?你能派辆出租车来吗?

96、I will be (We will be)standing at…我(我们)会站在……。

97、I will be (We will be)waiting at…我(我们)会在……等。

98、At 2 o’clock,please.请在2点来。

99、How long should I wait?我要等多长时间?



102、I can tell you the way when we come to the area.我们到达那地区时我会告诉你路怎么走。

103、I don’t know the way.我不知道路怎么走。

104、Here is the address.这是地址。

105、Here is the map.这是地图。

106、Go straight,please.请直走。

107、To the right,please.请右转。

108、To the left,please.请左转。

109、A little farther.再前面一点儿。

110、Stop here,please.请在这里停。

111、Stop at the traffic lights,please.请在红绿灯前停车。

112、On this side,please.请从这边走。

113、On the other side,please.请从另一边走。

114、We passed by it.我们走过头了。

115、How much do I owe you?多少钱?

116、How much in total?总共多少钱?

117、How much will it cost to go to….?去……要多少钱?

118、How long will it take to go to…?去……要多长时间?

119、What should I take to go to the Grand Hotel?去圆山饭店我该坐什么车?

120、What number bus do I take to downtown?到城内坐几路公共汽车?

121、How can I get to Taibei airport?到台北机场怎样走?

122、]Does this bus go to the National Park?这辆公共汽车到国家公园吗?

123、Could you please tell me where the bus stop is?请你告诉我公共汽车站在哪里?

124、Take me to the train station.送我到火车站。

125、Would you please tell me when to get off?请你告诉我在哪里下车好吗?

126、Should I get off at the next stop?下一站我该下车吗?

127、Please tell me which bus goes to the Taibei train station.请你告诉我坐几路公共汽车到台北火车站。

128、Do I need a transfer?我需不需要换车?

129、Tell me when I get there.到站时请告诉我。

130、Would you tell me where I should get off?请你告诉我在什么地方下车好吗?

131、What time does the bus leave?公共汽车什么时间开?

132、When is the next one,please.请问下一班公共汽车什么时候开?

133、Where is the bus stop for…?往……的公共汽车站在哪里?

134、How many stop is that from here?从这里到目的地有几站?

135、What is the fare to…?到……的车费要多少?

136、I want to get off at the next stop.下一站我要下车。

137、Let me off here,please.请让我在这里下车。

138、I want to rent a car.我要租辆车。

139、Please recommend a car which is cheap and easy to handle.请推荐一部既便宜又好开的车。

140、Show me a list of your rates.让我看看你们的租金表。

141、Tell me some places to call in case of trouble.告诉我一些遇事故可以打电话去求援的地方。

142、Please send a car to…Hotel tomorrow morning.明天早上请派一辆车去……旅馆。

143、The car is out of order.Please send a man to take it over.车子坏了,请派一个人来开回去。

144、I’m having trouble with my car.Could you give me a lift to the next town?我的车出故障了,你能送我到下一个城市吗?

145、Is there a garage around where I can get my car repaired?这附近哪里有修车厂可以修理我的车?

146、Excuse me,but could you have a look at my car?抱歉,你能看看我的车吗?

147、I can’t tell exactly what’s the matter with it.我无法说出毛病究竟在哪儿。

148、Will you please have the battery charged?请你将电池充一下电好吗?

149、Will you please have the oil changed?请你换一下机油好吗?

150、Will you please have the car greased?这辆车请你上点润滑油好吗?

151、What is the rate?费用多少?

152、I need a car for my business.我因公务需要一辆车。

153、I need a car for sightseeing.我观光需要一辆车。

154、I want to go to…我要去……。

155、I am coming back here.我要回到这里。

156、I am not coming back here.我不回到这里。

157、I want to go to these places.我要去这些地方。

158、Just for one day.只租一天。

189、For three days.租3天。

190、For one week.租一星期。

191、For one month.租一个月。

192、Give it a thorough checkup.全部检查一下。

193、I have a flat in the spare tire.Please fix it.我的备用胎爆了,请修理一下。

194、Will you please have the brakes adjusted?请你调整一下刹车好吗?

195、Are you going in my direction?你是和我去同一方向吗?

196、Can I give you a lift?我可以送你一程吗?

197、I will be driving just around this area.我只在这附近用车。

198、Sometimes I must drive far.有时候我必须远行。

199、Which rate fits me the best?哪个价钱对我最合适?

200、What kind of car do you have?你们有哪些车?


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